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Barrels and baskets plants

Our delivery program:

  • Patented drainage barrels plants that guarantee a more uniform layer thickness than regular barrels.
  • Barrels plants with normal waste air absorption technology, with Push-Pull or with covered tanks that save up to 60% of the exhaust air;
  • Barrels plants with automatic filling and emptying of the barrels;
  • Barrels plants with stainless steel transport systems, with a hoist speed of up to 50m / minute;

Equipment options:

  • Retractable drip tray;
  • Extraction of residual air in the transport hoist;
  • Optimized rinsing technology with material recovery;
  • Designed to work 24 hours pro day, with 95% production availability in 24 working hours;

The above systems show only a part of the wide range of possibilities that our company offers. We can solve specific problems as safely as standard problems.

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