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Flight bars plants

Our delivery schedule:

  • Galvanized frame installations;
  • Installations with frames for copper-nickel-decorative chrome;
  • Installations with frames for decorative anodizing and hard anodizing;
  • Phosphating frame installations;
  • Installations with frames for chemical nickel plating;
  • Installations with frames for alloy deposits (brass, tin-lead, Zn-Ni, Zn-Fe, etc.)
  • Installations with frames for hard chrome plating, etc.

Equipped options:

  • 2D and 3D cathodic / anodic agitation;
  • Interchangeable anodes;
  • Alkaline galvanizing anode dissolution station;
  • Skimmer and oil separators for cleaning degreasing baths;
  • Fully automatic regeneration filtration systems;
  • Washing technology to reduce the amount of wastewater;
  • Material recovery;
  • Automatic control with optimization;
  • Construction of tanks with chemically resistant materials (eg PP, PP-S, PVDF, Teflon, PE, stainless steel, titanium, etc.);
  • Advanced exhaust emission and minimization technology;

The above systems show only a part of the wide range of possibilities we can offer. We can solve specific problems as safely as standard problems.

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